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What Others Say

"One of the most promising, successful new practices in British architecture."

The Times

"AOC are a group of culturally engaged, serious and talented designers and polemicists with an unusually broad outlook focused not on the development of a house style but on a committed engagement with communities, clients and parts of
the city."
Financial Times

“AOC’s south London school extension demonstrates the power of teamwork, integrity and above all, thoughtfulness”

Architect’s Journal


“We have hugely appreciated and enjoyed our collaboration. AOC understood our need to think about the project within an overall organisational context and to test hypotheses and hunches before getting down to the more pragmatic aspects of designing an innovative and graceful new public space. Throughout they have shown intelligence, bold thinking, quirky imagination, as well as ability to convert that into architectural and spatial solutions.”

Dr Ken Arnold, Head Of Public Programmes

Wellcome Collection


“The collaborative architectural designs by Cottrell & Vermeulen, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, and AOC, are characterful and responsive to their location within the site. They demonstrate how the masterplan ideals of quality architecture and vibrant street life will be implemented as future residents move from the local centre into the more residential neighbourhoods within the site. We are delighted that the local authorities are supportive of the proposals for the lower density homes.”

Roger Taylor, Project Director

North West Cambridge Development


"AOC's energy, motivation and drive was inspiring and when it was not possible to do something that we wanted they always came up with an good alternative. Whilst I was aware that their portfolio of work was extensive, whilst they were working with us they made us feel as if we had their full attention."
Sally Eaton, Education Director

Langley Hall Primary Academy


“We chose AOC because their concept proposal responded well to our brief, but more than that, they had challenged us conceptually and invited us to widen our ambition. The project was a joint project between Royal Armouries and Historic Royal Palaces and there were many stakeholders and a complicated development period. AOC were adaptable and thoughtful throughout which was very helpful. The finished exhibition looks amazing.” 

Alexandra Gaffkin

Historic Royal Palaces


“The new building has had huge benefits for the school. For example, we have just had a record intake of new pupils and, although it is the biggest group ever to join us in September, it is also the calmest – thanks largely to the pupils having the right learning environment, including enough space and small rooms for quiet time. We love the roof shapes, the stair case, the picture windows and the practicality of the rooms. The building works really well.”

Simon Eccles, Headteacher

Spa School for young people with autism


"The consultation undertaken by AOC has been comprehensively all embracing and I am grateful for the work they have done and the detail on which they have consulted with Nunhead’s Voice and the local community. I believe that the views of the local community were taken fully into account when these plans were drawn up."

Cris Claridge

Local resident and member of Nunhead's Voice


“The report by AOC on the procurement is comprehensive and clear.  LIFT appear to be undertaking a sensible project which is well planned and will deliver the outcomes they aspire for.”

Capital Team, Arts Council