20 Oct 2014   Tom Coward joins Adrian Forty, Katie Lloyd Thomas and Martin Westwood to debate 'Material Concerns: A New Dilemma or Age-old Question?' at the Royal Academy, London.
13 Feb 2013   Tom Coward joins Stephen Hodder (RIBA President-elect) and Maria Smith (Studio Weave) to debate the future of the profession at Plymouth School of Architecture.
3 May 2012   Tom Coward gives AOC's take on 'green' architecture at the Building Centre, alongside Adam Khan, Bere & Civic Architects, and with Ellis Woodman chairing.
23 Mar 2012   Daisy Froud chairs a panel session on neighbourhood planning for a Design Council CABE & Planning Advisory Service conference.
19 Mar 2012   Geoff Shearcroft speaks on MIlton Keynes and its character at an International New Towns Institute masterclass for visiting Dutch officials.
8 May 2012   Daisy Froud joins panel at Roca London Gallery for discussion of gender equality in architecture, with Kathryn Firth, Joanna van Heyningen, Pernilla Ohrstedt and Elsie Owusu.
17 May 2012   Daisy Froud goes to Brussels to help judge the 3rd (Re) Nouveaux Plaisirs d'Architecture comp for the Centre International pour  la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage (CIVA).
2010   Tom Coward lectures and contributes to the Critical Cities Symposium in Stockholm.
Oct 2010 - Apr 2011   Geoff Shearcroft chairs the lecture series, 'Myspace: Designing for the publics of the contemporary city' at London Metropolitan University.
28 Oct 2010   Geoff Shearcroft joins Trevor Carlson, Caroline Evans and Jessica Bug to discuss 'Design for Performance' at the Barbican Art Gallery.
30 Mar 2010   Daisy Froud judges the RIBA Awards 2010 for the East region alongside Russell Brown of Hawkins\Brown and Norfolk architect Michael Innes.
Oct 2009 - Apr 2010   Geoff Shearcroft chairsthe lecture series, 'New Suburban Civic' at London Metropolitan University.
18 May 2009   Geoff Shearcroft chairs a Q&A with film director John O'Hagan, for 'Suburban Dreams, an evening dedicatecd to the American Suburb' at the Barbican Cinema.
25 Apr 2009   Geoff Shearcroft chairs Robert Adam and Julian Hakes debating 'Classicism vs Modernism' at Grand Designs, Excel, London.
23 Sep 2007 Daisy Froud sits on BD’s Cool Wall panel with Lee Mallett, Ellis Woodman and Alan Leibowitz at 100% Design.
15 Sep 2007 AOC’s Janet Summers Early Years Centre is open as part of Open House London.
22 Aug 2007 Vincent Lacovara discusses the joys of practising in London with 6a, Carmody Groake and drdha at the AIA’s New Practices London: Milieus and Methods event on Madison Avenue, NY.
25 Jul 2007 Geoff Shearcroft interviews Derek Walker, chief architect of Milton Keynes, at BDP as part of the AF Gold lecture series.
07 Jul 2007 But is it any good?VincentLacovara points out all the good stuff about the English semi-d and makes a case for more adaptability in new housing as part of the At Abrahams series.
23 Jun 2007 Tom Coward debates what he wants for London 2012 with John Bird, Zaha Hadid et al at the AF’s Debate London in Tate Modern Turbine Hall.
20 Jun 2007 Daisy Froud discusses the Games, a film by Hilary Powell & Dan Edelstyn, with Andreas Lang, Tim Abrahams & Karsten Huneck at the Building Centre.
20 Jun 2007 Vincent Lacovara argues with Gideon Amos against Simon Allford & Robert Tavernor at the RIBA Building Futures Debate, “Is London full?”
14 Feb 2007 Daisy Froud plays cupid with Tom Dyckhoff at the Olympic speed date event organized by RIBA London at the Portland Place HQ.
30 Nov 2006 Daisy Froud argues for what smaller, younger practices can offer the Olympics on the RIBA London 2012 Legacy Dinner panel.
16 Sept 2006 The Early Years Centre at Friars Primary School opens its doors to the public for Open House.
21 Jun 2006 Tom Coward joins the panel of critics at the Archaos student festival.
16 Jun 2006 Geoff Shearcroft, TomCoward and Daisy Froud take part in a Kings Cross Housing design charette, invited by Argent and the Architect's Journal.
25 Apr 2006 Tom Coward sits on the sofa with the Gang of Four – Will Alsop, Nigel Coates and Sam from Fat, chaired by Shuman Buzar at the Royal College of Art.
06 Feb 2006 Geoff Shearcroft joins Kester Rattenbury to launch the Building Futures 'Visualisations' exhibition at RIBA on BBC London.
18 Jan 2006 Daisy Froud appears as a guest commentator for the Bartlett's Spatial Imagination Symposium.
05 Dec 2005 Geoff Shearcroft joins the LCACE / Open House panel at QMW to discuss the future of architectural education.
29 Nov 2005 At an all-bling ceremony at the Hilton, AOC are confirmed as runners-up in the Young Architect of the Year Award (YAYA) 2005.
18 Sep 2005 Vincent Lacoavara becomes a tour-guide for Open House weekend and walks a bewildered public up and down the seven multi-storey car-parks of Croydon for six happy hours.
24 Jun 2005 Daisy Froud enters the Community & Consultation bearpit at the LateNite Review, The Gallery, 77 Cowcross Street.