The Guardian

13 May 2017


Build your grand design for a humble price

"Nathan and Ellie Billings are among the pioneers, buying a bespoke house at igloo’s 54-home Heartlands site near Redruth.  They reserved a plot and chose AOC Architecture to design a four-bedroom, three-storey “littleBIG” house with a barrel roof and roof terrace.  The defining feature of their design is a double-height space that can be used as a generous central living area, front lobby or rear garden room. The couple have placed it in the middle of the house, from where it rises like a light chimney all the way through the roof. “If you stand in the kitchen you can look up and see the sky,” says Nathan, 32, who works for a wind turbine manufacturer.

- Julia Kollewe

Architects' Journal

25 January 2017



How AOC carefully unpicked the architectural history of Southwark Park Primary School

"The practice has been able to combine its expertise in reimagining spaces and creating community with a theory-driven approach to investigating the historic building stock. Southwark Park Primary School is complex and challenging, demonstrating the practice’s approach to rigorous, thoughtful architecture"

- Laura Mark

Sunday Times

17 July 2016


Keep it constructive, (Self Build, Homes section, pp16-7)

"Today sees the launch of the Homes and Communities Agency custom build pilot site.  Buyers will be able to pick from 54 plots and choose one of the six available manufacturers' designs. These include littleBIG house, which offers three ways to create a double-height space"

- Melanie Wright & Alexander Goss

Architects' Journal

6 April 2016


The Green, Nunhead

"The community centre, and AOC’s restrained transformation of the once rather grotty Nunhead Green, is contextually coherent, formally witty, materially engaging, and socially inclusive.."

- Jay Merrick

The Observer

28 February 2016


The Green, Nunhead

"The design works through both look and space. Many of its moves, indeed, such as putting windows in the right place, are not earth-shattering. But they are rare enough to be worth noticing. As a building that is part of its surroundings but also creates its own identity, that serves its practical and symbolic purposes, that knows when to make flourishes and gestures and when to be basic, the Green gets most things right.."

- Rowan Moore

FX Magazine

22 February 2016


Bringing libraries back to life

Wellcome Collection Reading Room

"At the top of the spiral staircase you emerge into the most thrilling combination of knowledge repository and playroom. Excited chatter from teenagers isn't snuffed out by library personnel, but encouraged with a gentle nod and 'it's fine to talk'. And everywhere, the serendipitous arrangement of books on topics that would take a year of uninterrupted reading to get through: what kind of knowledge-fostering Utopia is this?"

- Veronica Simpson

Architecture Today

February 2016


The Green, Nunhead

"These pleasingly human-scaled gestures occur at a carefully choreographed pinch-point between the new community centre and The Old Nun's Head opposite, creating a tangible village-life moment that knots the building into the existing social fabric."

- Dieter Kleiner

Museums Journal

July/August 2015


Wellcome Collection, London

"The new spiral stair has been much celebrated but it is the Reading Room that is the triumph.  Perhaps it's a comment on recent trends in interactive museum design but the space feels hugely innovative, exciting and participative, with scarcely a touchscreen, web portal or QR code in sight.  It will be surprising if this model of going back to the collections with plenty of analogue pursuits in a comfortable space won't be replicated by other museums."

- Mark Carnall

World of Interirors

April 2015

  Reading Room, Wellcome Collection





Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

The Telegraph

19 Feb 2015



The Wellcome Collection's dramatic new look

"an offbeat inner city meeting place, designed by architects AOC... it has to be one of the nicest new public spaces in London."

- Caroline Roux

Icon Magazine

Feb 2015


Wellcome Collection Reading Room

"The London Institution's wonderous new library combines the spirit of open access with the aesthetic of open heart surgery"

- Christopher Turner

Financial Times

19 Dec 2014


The Reading Room at The Wellcome Collection

"AOC has deep experience designing schools and exhibition spaces as places to be used rather than just looked at, and it shows in a design that embodies the eclecticism and absurdity of Wellcome’s collection with the wide-eyed wonder of science."

- Edwin Heathcote

Architects' Journal

1 Aug 2014


Bonhôte House

Case Study

Sunday Times

13 Apr 2014


Stand out from the crowd

- Hugh Graham

World of Interiors

Apr 2014


Ripple effect

"You walk in through the front door of what looks like a regular London terraced house, and wham! The space drops away to the right, the light pours in from three sides, the walls ripple and a brass balustrade glitters"

- Timothy Brittain-Catlin on Bonhôte House

Architects' Journal

29 Aug 2013


The thinking man's BSF

(cover & building study on St Saviours' & St Olave's School)

"AOC’s south London school extension demonstrates the power of teamwork, integrity and above all, thoughtfulness”

- Rory Olycato


Off with the motley

(Footprint sustainability case study on Langley Hall Primary Academy )


25 Jan 2013


The Future of Architecture

"If we let the AOC design the future it might feel like we are going somewhere (somewhere good)."

- Eddie Blake

Architectural Review

31 Jan 2012


Two London schools: Cottrell & Vermeulen, Agents of Change compared

"Cognoscenti see this decorated shed as mannerist and witty; locals by contrast may well find it reassuringly friendly"

- Cany Ash and Robert Sakula

Building Design

30 Nov 2011


The Spa School Southwark, by AOC

"It is an architecture that is at once grand and accessible, speaking a language that is both dignified and civic, as well as friendly and domestic."

- Oliver Wainwright

Icon Magazine
Oct 2010

Remixing London: AOC Splices the City

In-depth profile and interview with AOC.

The Independent

23 Apr 2010


The Inbetweeners: A new breed of architects is making the most of cramped city plots

"The familiar has been re-ordered in an elegant and faintly surreal way that creates moments of amusing double-take.  It's a beautifully tailored architectural game."

- Jay Merrick

Icon Magazine
May 2009

Profile: AOC

- Oliver Wainwright

The Observer

21 June 2009


The young generation with a new vision to build Britain


The Architects' Journal
2 Oct 2008

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The Seven Hills of Croydon offer Idiosyncratic Views

A review of Vincent's walking tour.

Grand Designs
Oct 2008

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The Brit List

"We reveal the new guard of up-and-coming design names who are blazing a trail with their innovative creations."

Building Design
18 Jul 2008
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Public Platform

"This is a hugely engaging project which embodies the client's agenda to a T."
– Ellis Woodman

17 Jul 2008
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The Lift Pavilion

Film: Tom Oliver
Words: Johannna Agerman

Evening Standard
17 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the Temporary City

"Bright young architectural practices like...AOC will stake their claims on London's public realm."

– Rowan Moore

Financial Times
12 Jan 2008
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We Design Buildings to be Misused

"AOC are a group of culturally engaged, serious and talented designers and polemicists with an unusually broad outlook"
– Edwin Heathcote

Concept - International Magazine of Competition
Jan 2008

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Birnbeck Leisure Pier, Weston-super-Mare, UK

The Londoner
Jan 2008

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Save Up To £300 Per Year By Saving Energy
London Lite
27 Nov 2007
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Eco-home takes root in Square

The Observer
25 Nov 2007

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The Future 500 Rising Stars: Art & Design
"AOC has achieved an extraordinary amount in four years - in particular a winning master-design for 400 homes in south London"

The Architects' Journal

18 Oct 2007

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Contemporary Terraced Housing Types
– Andrew Mead

The Architects' Journal

20 Sept 2007

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Exhibition: New Practices London

"AOC's work touches upon historical precedent, but in subtle ways"

– Enrique Gualberto Ramirez

Building Design
28 Aug 2007
UK’s Young Guns Hit New York
– Jo Rippon
GQ Style
Autumn / Winter 2007
Street Smart
Sept 2007
New Practices London’ Exhibition

RIBA Journal
Aug 2007
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Brief Encounter

"The Lift New Parliament is a transportable meeting and performance space..."
– Jan-Carlos Kucharek

GQ Style
Spring / Summer 2007
Blueprint for London – Post-plastic
Architectural Record
Feb 2007
Lift Parliament
– John Gendall
Aug 2006
Architects Directory 2006
"From Berlin to Buenos Aires, Lima to Ljubljana, our annual guide to the world's most innovative practices. UK / AOC"
– Jonathan Bell
The Architects' Journal
27 Jul 2006

Early Years Centre, Friars Primary School

Cover and building study
"The new curriculum's catchphrase - 'expect the unexpected' - is carried through with bebop brio."
– Jay Merrick

Issue 9, Mar 2006
Fave Four - AOC, 6a, Plot, Jamie Fobert
Evening Standard ES magazine
Feb 2006
Brit Young Things - The Hot List
"London's burning with creative talent, and ES has rounded up the top 50 bright young things. From dancers to designers, authors to architects, meet the new Brit Pack."
– Ticky Hedley-Dent
i-D Magazine
Feb 2006
I Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

A10 - New European Architecture
Jan / Feb 2006

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Fiddlin' With The Roof

"Roof Divercity is an ongoing exploration of the social, spatial and environmental potential of roofs."

Building Design
02 Dec 2005
Young Architect of the Year Award - Runners Up
"Having only set up two years ago AOC was the youngest practice on the shortlist. It was also arguably the most distinctive.[...] The practice's commitment to an architecture that engages with complex social realities came across strongly."
– Ellis Woodman
Grand Designs
Oct 2005
Eye Opener
"When film director Stephen Daldry decided to build a folly in his garden he chose a young architecture practice to come up with a plan. Good call: The result is cunning,witty and ingenious"
– Clare Barrett
Elle Decoration
Oct 2005
Little Extras
– Mary Miller
The Guardian
6 Aug 2005
'Gang of Four' Architects Take on Old Guard
"Neither Alsop, Branson Coates, FAT, nor AOC are designers scared of metaphorical fisticuffs: their designs are colourful and lippy, and so are they."
– Jonathan Glancey
The Times
19 Jul 2005
The Shape of Things to Come
"AOC combine the questioning naivety of youth with a serious agenda."
– Tom Dyckhoff
Architects' Journal
16 Jun 2005
AJ Corus/ 40 Under 40
"architectural pop - the most delightful box of tricks"
– Crispin Kelly, Baylight Properties
Evening Standard
16 Jun 2005
Fab Under Forty
– Fay Sweet
Sunday Times
12 Jun 2005
The Director's Hut
– Hugh Pearman
Building Design
3 Jun 05
First Look: All-Singing, All-Dancing Garden Shed
– Will Hurst
Wettbewerbe Aktuell
2 May 2005
Neues Architekturzentrum London
Arena Pour Homme
Apr 2005
The Times
8 Feb 2005
So Have They Put Our House In Order?
The Architectural Review
Feb 2005
Rob Gregory
The Observer
16 Jan 2005
Seven Stairways To Heaven
"AOC designed an all-gold building in tribute to the language of trashy disposable glitter"
– Deyan Sudjic
The New York Times
3 Jan 2005
Architect Gets Her Due In Recognition At Home
– Alan Riding
The Telegraph
12 Jan 2005
Architects Hunt For A Home To Be Proud Of
– Giles Worsley
The Independent
12 Jan 2005
Doing It For Themselves
– Jay Merrick
The Observer
2 Jan 2005
The Best and The Brightest 2005:
Hot Brits, The architects AOC

"AOC look - and act - most unlike stereotypical architects. A multi-disciplinary practice from varied backgrounds [...] the partnership formed after they discovered they shared the same obsessions: 'the connection of people to places rather than beautiful places per se [...] buildings that are built for one purpose and can then be used for something else'."
– Charlotte Williamson
CABE Education 360º
Oct 2004
Modelling Excellence in Croydon
RIBA Journal
Jun 2004
Mouse That Screamed