Gladstone’s Library
Flintshire, Wales, 2018

A new extension to a Grade I-listed residential library, founded by William Gladstone and the UK's only Prime Ministerial library.

Gladstone's Library campus in the village of Hawarden provides an intimate and domestic environment for the public to meet, stay and enjoy its collection of over 250,000 books.

The project provides a new entrance, gallery, reading room, conference room, meeting rooms, dining room, canteen and rector's home.

A simple barn form is enriched through the section to provide a diverse range of distinct rooms, physically and visually connected to the Edwardian building and landscape.

The contemporary wing, clad in red limestone, redefines the landscape, protecting the historic lawn and continuing the grain, forms and materials of the village to improve the approach and parking.

International design competition. Third prize.

Landscape architect
Vogt Landscape Architects

Conservation consultant

Structural engineers

Services engineers