No.1 Lower Carbon Drive
Touring exhibition, December 2007 – May 2008

A two storey installation housed an exhibition on the zero carbon home in Trafalgar Square and beyond.

Part of the Green Homes service launched by the London Development Agency, No 1 Lower Carbon Drive was a life-size building, modelled after a typical Victorian London terrace house. The particular house sampled was AOC co-founder Tom Coward's South London home. The 1:1 exhibit illustrated a range of ways in which visitors could transform their home into a Zero Carbon House.

Divided into six different zones - energy, ventilation, appliances, water, recycling, insulation - it allowed visitors to actively experience potential improvements, from trying on coats filled with different levels of insulation to a vivid heat output comparison of a radiator and pet cat.

"This is a home of the future… people can come in off the street and ask questions about what they can do to reduce CO2 emissions in their own home"
Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, 2007

London Development Agency & Building Centre

Touring exhibition, including
Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN
Grand Designs Live, London E16 1XL

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